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Rental Property Analysis
March 18, 2019
Buying and owning a rental property is a good way to earn money. However, you have to find positive cash flow properties to be successful.
how to check if your rent is fair
Property Management
October 30, 2018
Whether you’re looking for your first apartment, or you’ve been renting for years, you want to make sure you’re finding the best deal that you can afford. And a big part of this is knowing what the rents are going for in the area you’re looking to live in.
Managing Properties Remotely
Property Management
July 2, 2018
Managing a rental property is tough enough work as it is. Trying to keep an eye on everything long-distance is even harder. If you own property out of state or at a significant distance from where you live, you'll want every advantage you can get to make your life easier.
apartment building value
Rental Property Analysis
July 5, 2017
Properly underwriting an apartment building's value is critical to finding and making great deals. Here are 3 different valuation tactics.
furnished apartment
Property Management
June 28, 2017
One of the biggest debates with landlords is whether to go with furnished rental apartment or not. There are various benefits that come from leasing a fully furnished apartment to your tenants, but there are some downsides as well.
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