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Rental Market Analysis
February 15, 2024
Our quarterly report analyzes how rent prices have changed in 646 cities across the U.S. Let's take a look at what Mike Lapsley, President of Rentometer, has to say about the data revealed in our report.
Rentometer Tools and Tips
September 26, 2023
Analyze your rental market faster and grow your real estate business efficiently with Rentometer Tools.
Rental Property Analysis
September 26, 2023
In this case study, Nicole reviews how to evaluate the cash flow for a prospective investment property.
Rentometer Tools and Tips
August 9, 2023
Use our Batch Processor tool to analyze rent prices for up to 500 rental properties at once. Exclusively available to Rentometer Pro subscribers.
5 tools to grow your real estate business
Rentometer Tools and Tips
May 10, 2023
Data-driven decisions start with data you can trust. That’s why real estate professionals have trusted Rentometer for over 15 years. Rentometer’s extensive rental pricing database provides instant residential rental rates, comparables, and market trend data for the entire U.S.
how to access Rent Comps
Rentometer Tools and Tips
September 6, 2022
When real estate professionals need to know the going market rent for a property - they use Rentometer. Here’s how it works.
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