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Rent data at your fingertips

Rentometer collects and verifies millions of rent comps, and Rentometer Pro gives you the access! Pro includes three ways to check market rents:

  • QuickView™ Rent Estimates
  • Pro Reports
  • Rent Comp Downloads

QuickView™ Rent Estimates

Quickly evaluate current market rents with our QuickView™ rent estimate, which includes average and median rent prices.
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Pro Reports

Get the full picture of your market with our comprehensive rent report, which includes:

  • QuickView™ rent estimate
  • Historical rent trends & further analysis
  • Rent comps with .CSV download
  • Public record data on subject property
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Rent Comp Downloads (.CSV)

For when you only need the rent comps. Download a detailed list of nearby comps in .CSV format.

Instantly check rents in your market

Compare your rents with other local properties and make data-driven decisions with Rentometer Pro.
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