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Thousands of real estate professionals use Rentometer Pro every day for rental market research. To make your real estate analysis process easier, we provide:

  • Nationwide rent prices
  • Rent comps for apartments and single-family homes
  • Historical rent trend data
  • Detailed property information



Quickly and easily evaluate current market rents

  • Evaluate potential rental income
  • Set your rent with confidence
  • Save time analyzing deals

Pro Reports

Get the full picture of your rental market

  • View and download rent comps
  • Easily evaluate rent trend data
  • Download, share, and add your branding to your PDF rent analysis report

Analysis Filters

Analyze properties most similar to yours

  • Search for properties that best match your criteria
  • Refine your research results with our variety of filters
  • Use Smart RadiusTM to maximize your search capability

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