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Rent Comps in Seconds

Say goodbye to the days of browsing multiple listing sites piecing together rent comp data.
Getting rent comps has never been easier with our Rent Comp Report tool. Simply input an address and property specifications, and a detailed list of up-to-date rent comps will generate instantly.



  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Building type

Comps Storage

  • Your history of comp searches are saved to your account (coming soon)


  • Detailed rent comps include:
    • Address
    • Property type
    • Distance from search address: view comps closest to your rental
    • Number of bedrooms
    • Number of bathrooms
    • Rent price: compare your rental price with nearby rent comps
    • Square footage: compare rentals by size
    • Price per square foot: analyze pricing by $ per s.f.
    • Last Seen: view most recent prices to identify short term trends
    • Longitude and latitude: geocoded addresses for easy mapping
  • Sorting capability by key fields: sort your list of comps by distance from your property, rent price, last seen, etc.
  • Available to download in CSV/xls format

Requirements and Pricing

Getting rent comps has never been easier.

  • A Pro subscription
  • Premium credits
    • Each address that you request a rent comp report for costs one (1) Premium credit For example: A rent comp report that returns 25 rent comps will require one (1) Premium credit.
    • View Premium credit balance in My Account or sign up to receive 50 complementary Premium credits

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