Supercharge Your Rental Property Analysis with Rentometer’s Batch Processor Tool

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Save time analyzing large portfolios of properties

Analyze rent prices for up to 500 properties at once with Rentometer's new Batch Processor tool. Exclusively available to Rentometer Pro subscribers.

How it works

Simply upload your list of property addresses, including their number of beds and baths, and our Batch Processor tool will generate rent prices via our API.

What’s new?

We built Batch Processor as an internal tool to help us analyze and test our rent data. We loved it so much that we wanted to share it with our customers.

Below are some important capabilities of our tool to help you have the best experience possible when analyzing rent data in bulk:    

  • Powered by the Rentometer API for more robust results. It's important to note that you will need QuickView Credits to complete a Batch Processor report.
  • More filters to better align results with your search criteria, including bedrooms, number of baths, lookback period, and building type
  • Option to upload a CSV file as your input to reduce manual labor and room for error
  • Keep your rental data refreshed by recalculating past reports
  • Manage past reports directly from your account


✅ Time-saving efficiency. Analyze rent prices for up to 500 properties simultaneously, reducing time and effort required for individual rent analysis. 

✅ Data-driven decision making. Make informed real estate decisions using data you trust. Access to comprehensive rental data for a wide range of properties leads to more accurate analysis, improved pricing strategies, and optimized returns on investment.

✅ Improved portfolio management. Easily manage and analyze rent prices across your entire portfolio, identify potential outliers or underperforming properties, and take proactive steps to maximize your rental income. 

✅ Scalability. Scale your portfolio by quickly identifying potential property investments to focus on instead of wasting time on those that don’t meet your investment criteria. 

How can I access the Batch Processor tool?

A Rentometer Pro subscription is required to access the Batch Processor tool. 

Additionally, you will need QuickView credits in your account. Each address analyzed using our Batch Processor tool will use One (1) QuickView Credit. For example, if you run a Batch that returns rents for 75 addresses, this will require 75 QuickView Credits. 

Run your first Batch today

Interested in using our Batch Processor tool? Click the button below to get a rundown of everything you need to know so you can run batch reports like a pro! If you feel ready to start using our tool, get started now.