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real estate investing, short term vs long term
Rental Property Analysis
March 9, 2022
Every real estate investor must decide the investing strategy that fits their resources and aspirations. Two types of rentals to consider are long-term and short-term.
rental property investing single vs multifamily
Rental Property Analysis
February 8, 2022
Are you looking to get started in real estate investing but have no idea what type of property to invest in?
how to use Rentometer comps
Rental Property Analysis
January 3, 2022
Setting the right rent price is a common challenge for rental property investors. If you set your rent price too low, you risk having a negative monthly cash flow. On the other hand, if you set your rent price too high, you might deter potential tenants from renting your property and risk having a vacant unit.
rentometer area analysis
Rentometer Tools and Tips
October 6, 2021
Download the comps used in your PRO rent report for further analysis and reference offline.
old house vs new house
Rental Property Analysis
August 30, 2020
This is one of the many great debates among real estate investors, "Should I buy or build a new rental property," or "Should I buy an older property and potentially renovate?" Let's dig into the pros and cons of each property type and whether the property age matters for real estate investing? Find out if the age of a property matters for real estate investing.
how to calculate the amount can make in rent
Property Management
July 20, 2020
Any investment property owner will tell you there's more to the game than sitting back and collecting the rent! Handling the responsibilities of property management can take a toll. That's why it's essential to protect both your sanity and your asset with a monthly rent payment that's fair and accurately covers your actual burden.

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