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Our standard Pro Report includes a “Historical Trend Line” (see below) that provides 3+ years of historical rents in an easy to read chart. If you’ve ever needed to know how much the average rent price is in your area for the last year, two years, or even three years, then you’ll find our Historical Trend Line graph helpful. 

(View Sample Report 1101 West Wellington Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657)

The Rentometer PRO Report also includes an "Average Rent by Bedroom Type" bar chart (see above).  The bedroom comparison chart presents a side by side comparison of 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom types using today’s average rents compared with average rents from one year ago.

This information is at your fingertips and in the right context so you can make better and faster evaluations of today's rental market conditions as well as comparing today's rents to the historical averages.

(View Sample Report 1921 Kalorama Road Northwest Washington, DC)

(View Sample Report 3908 Malvini Drive, San Jose, California 95118, United States)

This is one of the most comprehensive rental data snapshots available. Send us an email to let us know what you think: feedback@rentometer.com

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