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Build applications with access to our rent data via our API. Designed with logical architecture, the Rentometer API can be easily implemented by your developer.

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Rentometer API

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API Endpoints

An "API endpoint" represents the services or information that is available via the API.

The Rentometer API currently offers the following endpoints:

  • Summary level rent analysis including average rent, median rent, and 25th and 75th percentile rents. Each address that you request costs one (1) QuickView credit.
Pro Report
  • Full rent report PDF that can be custom branded with your logo and contact information Each address that you request costs one (1) Pro Report.
Nearby Comp
  • A detailed list of rent comps within the vicinity of the subject address or point of interest Each address that you request nearby comps for costs one (1) Premium credit.

Requirements and Pricing

  • A Pro subscription API access included
  • API Pricing
    A Pro subscription includes complementary credits for our API endpoints:
    • 1,000 QuickView credits
    • 50 Premium credits
    Additional QuickView credits and Premium credits can be purchased as needed.
  • QuickView Data Pricing
    Our QuickView Data API endpoint uses QuickView credits. See pricing table below.
    • $99 for 1,000 QuickView credits
    • $199 for 2,500 QuickView credits
    • $299 for 5,000 QuickView credits
    • $499 for 10,000 QuickView credits
    • $999 for 50,000 QuickView credits
    • $1,499 for 100,000 QuickView credits
  • Pro Reports Pricing
    Our Pro Report API endpoint uses Pro Reports. See pricing table below.
    • $29 for 10 Pro Reports
    • $99 for 100 Pro Reports
    • $199 for 250 Pro Reports
    • $899 for 1,500 Pro Reports
    • $1,499 for 3,000 Pro Reports
  • Nearby Comp Pricing
    Our Nearby Comp API endpoint uses Premium credits. See pricing table below.
    • $99 for 250 Premium credits
    • $249 for 1,000 Premium credits
    • $899 for 5,000 Premium credits
    • $1,499 for 12,500 Premium credits
  • Purchase additional credits and Pro Reports in My Account

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