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Smart real estate decisions are based on numbers. That's why professionals and renters alike turn to Rentometer for rental market rates and research.
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Discover your full rental income potential.

Know the market rent in your area and discover your income potential when listing your property or conducting lease renewals.
  • Set rent prices with confidence
  • Stay competitive in your market
  • Maximize rental income and ROI
“As a landlord, I really like this site and find it very useful. This year I am sending some tenants a print out with our lease renewals to show them that their units are reasonably priced.”
Wendy A.
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Save time analyzing properties and grow your portfolio.

Make smart real estate investment decisions with instant access to rent rates, rental comps, and market rent trend data.
  • Quickly analyze properties
  • Scale your rental portfolio with reliable rent data
  • Make data-driven decisions with confidence
"Rentometer has been instrumental in everything we've done in our business and I can't recommend it enough for any investor from seasoned investors onto beginners trying to do their first deal."
Michael K.
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Turn residential real estate investors into loyal clients.

Empower existing and prospective clients with vital rental market data needed to make smarter, more profitable decisions.
  • Build your reputation as an expert in your market
  • Provide valuable market insights to your clients
  • Attract and retain more clients with our marketing solutions
“My firm has utilized Rentometer for many years now. It has been a valuable tool to help us identify current rents and ongoing rental trends. This has benefited our many owners, as well as residents, as we've used it to show all sides of what a fair market rent is and should be.”
Chris J.
Principal Broker-Owner

Property Managers

Remain competitive in your industry all while growing your portfolio of clients.

Optimize rent rates, minimize vacancies, and attract new clients with access to current rent rates, trend data, and marketing tools.
  • Optimize your rental income
  • Attract and retain tenants with competitive rent rates
  • Grow your client base with our Rent Analysis Widget
“As a professional property manager I find Rentometer to be a very valuable tool when determining rental values for new clients. Really a great way to quickly establish rental value on both single family homes or apartments.”
Alex Comana
Broker, Certified Property Manager
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Paying too much for rent?

Compare your rent with other local properties. Whether you're shopping for your next rental or renewing your current lease, we'll provide the information you need to make the right decision.
  • Research areas that fit your budget
  • Be prepared when negotiating rent prices
  • Make an educated rental decision
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Determine if a property is a good candidate for an investment property loan when underwriting real estate.

Use our rent data for cash flow projections when underwriting an investment property loan. Estimate the net operating income with instant access to market rent rates and nearby rental comps.
  • Estimate the cash flow of a property
  • Expedite your research with access to property details
  • Decide which properties qualify for investment property loans
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Estimate the value of a property with ease.

When using the Income Approach to estimate a property's value, view nearby rental comps and property reports to estimate the potential rental income.
  • Easily compute the net income of any property
  • Determine the value of a property using the Income Approach
  • Evaluate a property with confidence
“I'm a multifamily property appraiser for county government. I use Rentometer regularly to check the reasonableness of "actual" rents reported to me. It is a great tool!”
Steve D.
Property Appraiser
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