​​Rentometer Releases Average Rent Prices by Zip Code in the U.S.

Rental Market Analysis

April 1, 2024

​​Rentometer Releases Average Rent Prices by Zip Code in the U.S.

Rentometer, the nation’s leading provider of rental market data, has released average rent prices by zip code for highly populated U.S. areas. This data spans from 2019 through 2023, offering valuable insights into rental trends across the nation.

There are two files for each year based on building type and number of bedrooms:

  • Apartment Files: average rents for 2-bedroom apartments
  • Single-Family Rental (SFR) Files: average rents for 3-bedroom SFRs

View a sample file here.

A table showing the metadata for our historic average rents by zip code for 2-bedroom apartments and 3-bedroom homes.

When gathering average rent data for U.S. zip codes, Rentometer followed strict data standards for accuracy and reliability. Here are key metadata notes to keep in mind:

  • Exclusion of Zip Codes with Fewer than 10 Records/Listings: Zip codes with fewer than 10 records or listings were excluded from the analysis to ensure accuracy of data. This exclusion helps to provide a more representative picture of rental trends in each area.
  • Exclusion of Rent Prices Below $500 or Above $15,000: Rent prices that fell below $500 or exceeded $15,000 were excluded from the dataset. This filtering process helps to eliminate outliers to ensure that the average rent data reflects actual market conditions.
  • Population Data Source: The population data used with the zip code analysis is from the U.S. Census Bureau's Decennial Census. This population data provides context for understanding the demographic characteristics of each zip code area. Specifically, the data can be accessed through the following link: Population Data Source

Interested in purchasing our custom datasets of average rent prices by zip code? A total of 10 files can be purchased individually or as a set, and the pricing is as follows:

  • Individual file: $499
  • Five (5) files: $1,999
  • Ten (10) files: $2,999

Quarterly updates will be released beginning with Q1 2024.