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Rental data you can rely on

Nationwide Coverage

Nationwide Coverage

SFR and Multifamily coverage for over 50 million listings and thousands more added every day
Logical Architecture

Logical Architecture

A simple solution built to facilitate your developments
Endless Possibilities

Endless Possibilities

Tell a story with our data through your own custom commentary and solutions

What can you do with our API?

Nationwide Coverage


Develop unique applications that deliver value
Nationwide Coverage


Integrate PRO reports across marketing efforts
Nationwide Coverage


Create efficiency with the automation of frequent tasks
Nationwide Coverage


Model faster with clean, current & reliable rental data
Nationwide Coverage


Provide up-to-date pricing help and insights to investors
Nationwide Coverage


Expedite investment research with automated metrics and modeling

Frequently Asked Questions

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The API is available exclusively to Rentometer PRO Standard Subscribers, who are given 200 API credits at the start of their Standard subscription. Additional API credits can be purchased on your My Account page according to the pricing table below.

Credits and pricing:
  1. 1,000 API credits: $99
  2. 2,500 API credits: $199
  3. 5,000 API credits: $299
  4. 10,000 API credits: $499
  5. 20,000 API credits: $799
Yes. Free trial users receive 200 API credits to explore the possibilities of using our API integration for the duration of the 7-day free trial.
  1. Sign up for a Rentometer PRO Standard subscription
  2. When you’re logged in, generate your API Key by reviewing and accepting the Terms of Use
  3. Visit the API Developer Documentation page or share with your developer to get started
Once your API Key is activated, you can check your credit balance on your My Account page.
Visit the API Developer Documentation page to get further instructions, endpoints, and other information to help you or your developer get started.

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